About Us

Our Mission

  • To Create An Ideal Coaching Platform for the preparation of JEE- Main & Advanced, NEET , IIT-JAM / NDA / KVPY / Olympiad /NTSE / Board Exams in our Society of India as well as in Abroad.
  • Guiding Each and every student of our society in India as well as in abroad For Identifying Career Objectives as per their Personal Skills.
  • Coach each and every student of our society For Understanding Concepts and the application in their lives as well as in the Subject For Achieving their Career Objective.
  • To make a leader in the field of coaching For Resonating Mind of the Students as per Their Career Objective.
  • Breaking Financial Barrier in the Society for Converting Dreams into Realities.

Our Vision

By Keeping Our Mission in mind – To Reach at each and every student of our society in India as well as in Abroad For Identifying , Guiding by 

Subject Experts and Resonating  Mind as per their Career Objective by 2025.
Ashish Kumar Porwal

Message from Chairman’s Desk

Dear Student & Their Guardians ,

As You Know Education Is Not , Just  Writing Exams  At Anveshika’s Platform Education is not just a preparation  for IIT –JEE / NEET /IIT-JAM /  NDA / KVPY / NTSE / Olympiad / Board . It is to prepare for Application of concepts of the Subject  to the Students  in their  lives itself  along with  value based Knowledge. It is the actual aim of Education at Anveshika  Institute &  Anveshika  Live .

Each Student definitely wants  to do the best  For Fulfilling this  Purpose At  Anveshika  I  and Our “ Subject Experts “ by utilizing  Energy , Dedication & Talent of the Student  will impart  Knowledge  . with Experience , Expertise and in-depth Understanding Concepts of the Subjects along with Patterns of Examinations in the Past of Many Years , Students  will  get prepared   to face  Challenges in Their Career.

As You Know , There is no Short- Cut to Success If Any Student  does Hard Work Coupled with Smart Work and  balanced Strategy along with Stress / Time Management  , then any Student  can Succeed in this Race of 21st Century for Standing Out From Crowd.

I Would like to welcome You & Your References at Anveshika  Live  and Anveshika  Institute For  Your & Their Success with Excellent Achievements.

Ashish Kumar Porwal

Our Subject Experts – Pillars of Anveshika

Learn From Expert

Classes by India’s Most Experienced, Qualified, Committed , Sustained, Result Oriented & An Unparallel Professional / Senior faculties

Learn at Your Own Pace

Students Can Learn at their home now Anvishka Live app is avaiable you can learn any where Now

Assignment Based Teaching System

Assignment Based Teaching System / Periodic Testing System along with Test Analysis for identifying & removal of recurring mistakes in the test for making outstanding performance in their final exam.( Board +Competition )according to his / her capability.

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